A Bit of History

Shredder Art was inspired at the end of a large paper cutter at Carson Graham Secondary School in 1970. I became interested in the trimmings and my teacher, encouraged me to produce a project. Based on shreds both found and created I put together a couple of projects. My instructor was pleased and gave me a good recomendation. 

Those experiences were some 35 years distant when I took Julia Camreons: Artist's Way exercises in 2005. During one exercise I recalled the fun I had with those first shreds and produced a piece borrowing a friends unused darkroom paper cutter.

I still have the paper cutter on long term loan and have had wonderful experiences with the relationship to colour and form that Shredderart inspires in me. There is fun and frustration working through materials and process. Want to learn how to do shredderart and build your own deconstruction experience? 

Workshops start in September 2009 at Blackwell Studios in Garibaldi Highlands BC. Please contact me through this site address.

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